Friday, 23 June 2017

2 annual.

I would like to invite you guys to come out and learn about Mightywheels.  We are a community run group that advocate for people who use wheels including parents pushing baby strollers, people using walking devises, and people using wheelchairs. Its not the actual devise we use it's the city intersections, sidewalks, ramps, and other infrastructures within the city that make it difficult for all people who use wheels to get around.   Mightywheels will be presenting at the annual meeting on July 10 between 330-5pm at the Lois Hole pubic library.  Mightywheels will be sharing some new ideas that we have come up with as well as taking in other ideas from the group.  We know accessibility is a challenge for most/all people who use wheels within the city.  We at Mightywheels are trying to get the city to solve this issue with positive outlooks and through information gatherings, such as this meeting that is coming up.

I really hope you guys are able to come and listen/learn all about Mightywheels and what we do for all people who use wheels. Please feel free to check out our blog for more information as well.  You can locate our blog at

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