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  1. I went to Red Robin on Friday. Would you believe... no automatic doors!!! In a big restrant like that. OMG!!!

  2. My Mom and I went shopping the other day at Mayfield Common. So many people parked in front on the accessable ramps my mom had to push my futher then she had to, just to get up on the sidewalks around the stores, and the lack of automatic doors is incredible. The button to the doors that are automadic are to close to the doors. It really hard to move in time to actuall get in the doors in time. Although, Reitmens automatic doors and buttons are pretty good.

  3. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
    Scooter For Handicapped Person

    Keep Posting:)

  4. Had a great idea from when my boys were small. There is nothing like trying to push a stroller through 2 feet of snow.... I always wished my stoller had tracks... Yes tracks kind of like a tank...or even strap on stroller skis.... Would make snow travelling much easier