Sunday, 31 May 2015

Kale J Hawley

I watched a mother struggle to push her daughters wheelchair to the school the other day. No point on her crossing the street on corner of stony plain red just to walk up three blocks to switch back to the side she was originally on

No complaining

I'm in a wheelchair all my friend who use wheels kept complaining about how bad the road are. so, instead of complaining with them, I took a stand and started up a project to help people who us wheels be able to have equal accessibility.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


I agree, I challenge the laws more then most people who use wheels do, but that's only to improve the them for us all.
Timothy Maxwell's
Wheel accessibility team

Spiritual awakening

I created for everyone, parents pushing baby strollers, people with walking devices, or people like me in wheelchairs. Why don't people understand one person complaining about how bad the roads are doesn't work, it takes a team of people, power in numbers, so lets stop being treated unfair and merge to get our intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps repaired.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


This is the second time I almost got ran-over, why you ask because my landlord will not pave a link of sidewalk, their sidewalk doesn't link up with the city's sidewalk. I encouraged the city to build a crosswalk with lights thinking my landlord would add the sidewalk 70" link with out having to pressure them into doing whats right for their tenants, without the them paving the link of sidewalk we are forced to walk on the road.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


My names Timothy Maxwell, I use wheels, I created to help my friends who use wheels challenge the ugly intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps. Through my life, high-school, collage I've learned that one person challenging our problem can easily be over looked, because they are not in that position. It takes a team of people wheeled or not.  Come join my battle we want equal accessibility.

I will dedicate my time and money to this cause.

Please drop me a line and become involved with us.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A letter

Hi John Carson, leader of the The N.D.P. party, my names Tim I volunteered for Steve Thomsan because he was right in my neighborhood and it was more accessible for me. 

I started a team of wheeled and non-wheeled members called Mightywheels, all I want to do is help. We stand up for all people who use wheels and help them navigate through the city. We will bring attention to poor surface areas, so that everyone can access the beautiful city. This free service can be used by anyone, parents pushing baby strollers, people using walking devices or wheelchairs. Our mission is to help bring attention to difficulties people face every day, such as poor surface areas, poor city intersections, poor sidewalks, sidewalk ramps, and non-accessible places of business.

We want equal accessibility, so we can all access our beautiful city.