Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Success #4

August 11th
After I finished up at a gym, he took a cab to the mall to do some wheeling around and to get some lunch. As I was eating, I noticed an elderly man fighting with the restroom/washroom door. As I approached him I noticed that the door kept closing on him, it was the size of the the doorstop that was giving him the grief. I complain about that doorstop before, but the mall did nothing about it, I just ended up going to Staples and buying a new doorstop for the mall.

Success #3

July 30th 
The Tri-Center needed me to help calculate the handy-capped restrooms/washrooms.
That day, I really found out how much people who aren’t in wheelchair don't really have any idea of what Wheel chair bound people need. The maintenance man that was doing the work in the restroom/washroom had the door of the stall backwards so a wheelchair would not even fit.
I corrected him and now I can't find have any issues with those restroom/washrooms.

Success #2

June 28th
I was at the mall in Spruce Grove, outside at Shoppers drug mart waiting for my ride. I started to watch this mother, she was pushing a baby stroller, one of the big wheeled strollers. She came to the curb that didn’t have a ramp and even she had troubles, so me Being in a chair, know I could never physically make it. So, I went to the mall office and complained ferociously, until they did something about it.

Success #1

May 28th
A friend of mine helped this older lady in a wheelchair, come up the wheelchair ramp, to Tim Horton's. When she came, she went down the wheel chair ramp, If her husband wasn't there to hold her back, I'm sure she would of fallen out, I felt the wheelchair ramp was unsafe, and I complained about it many times. Tim Horton’s said it was the malls problem maybe they were Right, but they should never in danger their customers.