Monday, 27 May 2013

I double dare you..

I stopped in at my B*********k office to post a challenge to all the B********k staff, to management, to spend an hour in  a every day wheel chair on their property, doing basic every day tasks.  like wheeling to the store, or getting the mail, or going for a coffee.

If you accept this challenge, you'll see how URGENT it is to have B*********k keep up on their side walks and side walk ramp repairs.

B**********K will not set a date for this event..

Saturday, 4 May 2013


I myself, am in a wheel chair. I wish ETs would look into some of The Mightywheels Group's ideas to gain their own ideas to help people who use wheels.

Idea for a service, is to have all handy capped people to purchase or give the monthly bus pass to an ETs staff, that way the handy capped person would not be carrying it and no one would try to steal it, because the passes are getting very pricey and without this new idea ETs may as well just hand out t-shirts with bulls eyes painted on them, for each handy capped person who purchase a bus pass.