Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hi my name is Tim and I am currently in a wheel chair. I am emailing you because I have came across many poor surface areas in Edmonton and I find it very difficult to even go to the corner store. I have a created a web site called Mightywheels. What I'm hoping to do is help people with wheels whether it be a person pushing stroller, the elderly who use walkers or people like me who use a wheel chair. I'm hoping that I can get scouts Canada on board with helping me so I can get my web page noticed by the wonderful people within the community of Edmonton. I am hoping that when the scouts come across poor surface areas in Edmonton to either post on my website or email me the location. Pictures would also be greatly appreciated.

Help me, help others!
Thank you

The Mightywheels Group,

Friday, 21 June 2013


At the moment "The Mightywheels Group" is a un-licensed community blog, we are trying to change that.