Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A fact

Canada Health says by the time a typical Canadian reaches 85 years old, 6-10 of us will have mobility issues or have to use a wheelchair. Edmonton's intersections, sidewalks, and sidewalk ramps are not in the best of conditions. I have created a team called Mightywheels as a free service to help those who uses wheels. For example, parents pushing baby strollers, the elderly with their walking devices, or people like me, in a wheelchair. Check out my blog at

Sunday, 21 December 2014

red tape

The Ministry of Service Alberta administers the Residential
Tenancies Act, the provincial law that sets out basic standards
of conduct between landlords and tenants in Alberta. Your
specific situation is not addressed under the Act. You may wish
to speak with the municipality regarding your concerns.

If you have additional questions please contact us at:
Ministry of Service Alberta, Contact Centre
Edmonton:  780-427-4088
Other areas in Alberta (toll-free):  1-877-427-4088
Outside Alberta:  1-780-427-4088

Visit our website at for comprehensive
registries and consumer information and services.
----- Original Message -----
From: Timothy Maxwell <>
To: Service Alberta <>
Sent: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 12:26:31 -0700
Subject: Boardwalk [InteractionID:4f7081b2-8fec-4370-ba82-50fdc6817e3d]
Hello, This is Timothy Maxwell, I have contacted you guys many times before. I run the Mightywheels and finally accomplished having the city install ramps and a crossing light on the 69th ave. crosswalk, right out front of Boardwalk rentals. I hoped Boardwalk would of voluntarily repaired the missing length of there sidewalk to the city sidewalk, so all the people who use the sidewalk are not pushed out on the road.

Friday, 19 December 2014

It could be anyone

Think about other people for a minute, like the people who use wheels to
get around. maybe its your mother or father pushing a baby stroller, or
maybe its your wife or girlfriend doing the pushing, what about gramma's or
grampa's with their walking aids, or people like me in wheelchairs, how do
we safely get around. Our intersection, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps are
not in the best of conditions don’t you want our family members to have a
safe journey.

Take a look at what we do,

a free service for people who use wheels.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

To landlord and tenants act

Hello, This is Timothy Maxwell, I have contacted you guys many times before. I run the Mightywheels and finally accomplished having the city install ramps and a crossing light on the 69th ave. crosswalk, right out front of Boardwalk rentals. I hoped Boardwalk would of voluntarily repaired the missing length of there sidewalk to the city sidewalk, so all the people who use the sidewalk are not pushed out on the road.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A dream of mine

I would love to be the Mayor's right hand man when it comes to people who use wheels. When City Construction comes, I want to help make the plans more accessible for people who use wheels, because its much cheaper and easier to do it right the first time. Instead of adding a wheelchair after the project has been completed.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


@makeitYEG: New on #MakeSomethingYEG. @mawelltim’s Mightwheels documents wheelchair accessibility issues in #yeg. Want to help?

Friday, 26 September 2014

Called 311

phoned 311 to file a complaint in regards to the sidewalk in front of my building that is inaccessible to me.  I am starting the long process of having the sidewalk repaired in my building complex. I have done this several times before.

John Maxwell

Mightywheels was built to honer all the Maxwell's

My Great Great Grand Father.. John Maxwell arrived on Salt Spring Island in 1862. Born in Ireland in 1835, Maxwell had travelled to the west coast of North America with a fellow Irishman, James Lunney. Family lore has it that the two made a considerable fortune in the gold fields of the Cariboo. The two men took up about 350 acres of land in the fertile Burgoyne Valley. They then established a large cattle-raising operation with Maxwell quickly importing about 100 Texas Longhorns from Oregon to Victoria, and then to Salt Spring Island via Cowichan. The pair expanded their property through a five-year grazing lease from the provincial government in 1870, where, according to the Surveyor, Ashdown Green, they "scattered grass seed so there is some good feed for stock." Maxwell finally obtained a Crown grant for his land -- some of the best on the island -- in 1880.
Maxwell was an important member of the community. By 1865 he was probably living with his native wife, Mary, as their first child was born in that year. Mary was only about 14 when she had her first child, and about 16 years younger than John. In all, they had six children. The Maxwell's go on to have a prosperous, if hardworking, life, acting as the economic and social backbone of the south end of the island. In 1872 Maxwell signed a petition requesting a school at Burgoyne Bay. In 1883 he purchased outright 50 acres in section 3, range 1. He supplemented his work on the farm with work on the roads for the provincial government in 1884. Also in in that year, he bought another 196 acres in sections 81 and 82, around Mount Maxwell (obtaining the Crown grant in 1892), and he pre-empted another 160 acres in south west 83, which he payed for in 1892. In 1891, he purchased another 9 acres in north-east section 68, which borders on his property on Burgoyne Bay.
The sons started pre-empting and buying in 1886, when Richard pre-empted 160 acres in section 80. This is cancelled in 1925, and is never improved, so was probably used for logging (one of its few uses, situated as it is on Mount Maxwell). In 1890, Sam Maxwell bought outright section 3, range 2 in Burgoyne Bay. In 1891, the Maxwell brothers bought 160 acres in the south half of section 80, while David pre-empts 155 acres in another part of section 80, which is cancelled. In 1901, David Maxwell married Clara Trage, and they both lived on the island until their death in 1967, she at age 88, he age 94. They had a daughter who was born in 1902, and died in 1906.
John Maxwell Jr. died in 1887 at age 23. James stayed on the island till at least 1916. Richard too stayed on the island till at least 1916, working as a logger and farmer. Samuel Maxwell worked for a while as a tax collector (1888-91) and postmaster at Burgoyne Bay (1889-95), but his work is not approved of. He also worked as a teamster and labourer in 1893, farmer in 1894, and is used as a constable in 1894. He doesn't appear on the island after 1900.

go here to learn more, look on Mount Maxwell.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

69th Ave

Mightywheels does it again.

69th ave crosswalk is getting repaired.  So all people who use wheels can cross.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Don't Park there, please !

Self Advocacy Federation
Come out and support us.
October 3rd, Friday
At Sir Winston Churchill Square, downtown Edmonton  11-1pm
Email to

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Self Advocacy Federation,

Join us
The self Advocacy Federation
18304-105 Avenue, Suite 104, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 0C6
Email to

Monday, 28 July 2014


I feel that it takes a real wheel chair user to truly evaluate a handy capped door, ramp or parking stall, not some person with a measuring tape and I am not alone, on this.

Friday, 18 July 2014

The squeaky wheel get the grease

Timothy Maxwell is re-defining the old phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” — and is making a wonderful difference for people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices.
Maxwell sustained a brain injury 23 years ago and uses a wheelchair. He loves to enjoy the city whenever he can, but has run into challenges with roads and sidewalks.
And you thought Edmonton had a pot-hole problem for motored vehicles.
The story goes Maxwell was having trouble going over several bumps in a parking lot when a lady noticed him.
She suggested he needed Mighty Mouse to help him navigate.
“I said I just use my Mightywheels,” says Maxwell.
And so the name stuck.
Mightywheels began in 2009 by a small group of wheelchair-users. Their mission: to bring the attention of city intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps, or non-accessible places of business, roads and sidewalks that need to be re-surfaced for smooth rides.
“It began when I first started using my wheelchair and found many poor surfaced areas,” says Maxwell, who wasn’t just thinking of his friends in wheelchairs.
Take, for example, mothers wheeling their young children in strollers. Or, senior citizens using their walkers or other mobility devices.
Maxwell wasn’t afraid to speak up to the staff of the Spruce Grove’s Tim Horton’s location.
He went in and offered some helpful tips.
“Mightywheels has improved access getting into Tim Horton’s,” says Maxwell, always mindful of the group — not himself.
He was also asked to inspect the Tim Horton’s store in West Edmonton Mall for accessibility.
His next stop: the Tri-Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove to inspect how accessible the family change rooms are.
Mightywheels began small but now there’s great room to expand their free consulting service.
Maxwell has plans to start doing some work with the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities.
He is hoping to create some relationships with the City of Edmonton to help re-surface sidewalks and curb cuts in older neighborhoods of the city.
“If there are any sidewalks that need repainting, I say let’s fix the sidewalks before we paint them,” says Maxwell.
Mightywheels holds regular meetings of about 10 members.
Maxwell writes a blog with up to date information.
For more information email
And he is certainly thinking of the future.
With the aging population more and more people will be using mobility devices to get around.
They have a fundamental right to get around Edmonton with ease and dignity.
“We all want equal accessibility, so we all can access our great city,” says Maxwell.
• • •
Congratulations to Liz O’Neill, Maureen Collins and Susan Green for being named Distinguished Citizens by MacEwan University.
All three women have made tremendous contributions to the local charitable sector.
Liz is executive director for Big Sisters and Big Brothers for the Edmonton Area; Maureen is executive director of the John Howard Society, and Susan was the first University of Alberta vice-president of external relations.
I have had the pleasure of seeing all three ladies in action and have heard them speak of their compassion for others countless times.
They certainly deserve their recognition — and our city is so much richer with them as citizens.
Congratulations, ladies!
(Cam Tait is a special project advisor at Challenge Insurance)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Help is needed

Come help us, help others

We focus on people with personal powered wheeled machines like baby strollers, the elderly with their walking devices, people like me in wheel chairs or handy capped power scooters that travel the city's intersection, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps.

We need to be more known in the city, so Mightywheels would really like your help sharing this message around, because who knows you may need us to help out a friend with a baby, your grandma  with arthritis or even maybe helping yourself after a football injury.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Come join the winning team, get safely from point A to point B with Mightywheels. We are a free service that helps people who use wheels on day to day basis bring attention to the poor surface areas so that everyone can equally navigate though the city.  This can be everyone from parents pushing baby strollers, the elderly with their walking devices or people like me in wheel chairs. Our mission is to bring attention to issues people who use wheels face every day, such as poor surface areas, poor city intersections, poor sidewalks, sidewalk ramps, and non-accessible places of business.

We want equal accessibility, so we can all access our great city.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Thank you CallingWood cares

I want to thank all Callingwood and area people for believing in me,
my missions is to make Edmonton a equal accessible for all who use wheels.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

New idea

Mightywheels is working on a guide book of accessible places of business in the calling wood area. We already have done some restaurants in the calling wood area.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Our work in progress

I walked around the Callingwood Lymburn community hall this morning and noticed that the hall is currently not accessible for disabled persons and seniors. I will be publishing an article on the new hall but require further information as outlined below.

What plans are in place to make the hall accessible for disabled persons or seniors who use walkers or have mobility issues?

Will sidewalks leading to the hall be installed? If so, what is the timeline.

Where will parking be for the hall and will handicap stalls be in place? It appears there is currently only street parking.

What consultation process did the Community League use to ensure accessibility to the hall? Were city or community resources used when determining accessibility?

Lastly, what is the opening date for the hall?

If you require assistance with planning, please contact Tim Maxwell with Mightywheels. Tim has been Cc'd. Tim and his team will gladly work with the league.

I look forward to your response.

Brad Ison

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Monday, 2 June 2014

Tim's speech

Good evening all,

Thank you for having us. I'm Timothy Maxwell, founder of Mightywheels and this is Michelle and Maureen.

Our Mightywheels mission is to bring attention to the things that are not right for people who use wheels.

Such as poor surface areas on city intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps, non-accessible restaurants and other problems we face every day.

We want equal accessibility for all. So the people who use wheels can access all areas of our great city.

By the time a typical Canadian reaches 85 years old, 6-10 of us will have mobility issues or have to use a wheel chair.

Edmonton's intersections, sidewalks, and sidewalk ramps are not in the best of conditions. The group Tim has started called Mightywheels is a free service for anyone who uses wheels. For example, parents pushing baby strollers, the elderly with their walking devices, or people like Me and Tim and Maureen in wheel chairs.

To help everyone more, we provide an internet blog where anyone can post and discuss poor surface areas found in Edmonton and area.

Mightywheels is interested in expanding our goals by linking up with Calling wood Cares. Together we can create solutions to help solve the problems wheeled people face every day.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Check out our latest accessibility ad on Kijiji. It can be found here. Kijiji Accessibility Ad. Thanks!

Friday, 23 May 2014

letter I sent

Dear Michael Oshry,

My name is Timothy Maxwell and I am the founder of Mightywheels Group. In the Group we help people who use wheels in Edmonton. We focus on intersections, sidewalks, and sidewalk ramps. We went to the Callingwood Cares meeting and have been asked to present on the subject of Mightywheels at the next meeting. We hope to affiliate with Callingwood Cares and make a positive difference to our city. Please take a look at our blog:

Thank you,

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Putting it out there

My names Timothy Maxwell founder of Mightywheels, one day I want to be friends of the Mayor of Edmonton and have him ask Mightywheels to fix his city so, it can accessible by all. That is part of my dream.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


This story is all about how bad streets and sidewalks can be.

I have a friend who thinks that her boyfriend is shaking there kid, but he's not,we think its the streets and sidewalks doing the damage. She runs everyday with the kid in a baby stroller, her on the phone, jogging, hitting every bump on our less then perfect city sidewalks.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Little bumps

We are all going to age, Alberta heath says by the time the average Canadian reaches 80-90 years old, 8 out of 10 will require a wheelchair or some kind of walking-aid. So why don't we fix up the cities intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps before that problem, become our own problem.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Michelle's WFG Evaluation

World Financial Group
On 98th Ave

Things that need improving:

1. Main doors aren't automatic

2. Bathroom door not automatic

3. all offices aren't accessible

4. There are stairs in the office

Things that are done well:

1. Hallways are wide

2. There is a ramp in the office. Most of the offices are accessible as a result

3. Accessible washroom stall

4. Washroom sinks are accessible

5. All individual offices are accessible

6. Handicapped parking & ramp

7. People are more then willing to help

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mightywheels Intro

Parking Mobility App - We need to push this for Canada!

Parking Mobility App - We need this in Canada!!

please email me your thoughts, lets start pushing ...  Mightywheels

DATS problem

Mightywheels Group Meeting April 12, 2014

Michelle B.
Maureen F.
Tim M.

Maureen spoke about an ongoing DATS problem. Specifically, the drivers who are not doing doing their due diligence they are trained to do. It seems some drivers are complacent in regards the seatbelt shoulder strap. Why the driver uses a shoulder strap and refuses, and possibly "forgets", to apply one to their passenger, is frankly, not professional.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mc Donald's evaluation

Mightywheels Meeting April 5, 2014


Michelle B.
Maureen F.
Tim M.
Stephen T.
Debbie, Welcome to the Mightywheels Group

Due to the weather being great we had 5 people attend. After catching up we discussed how:

Debbie agreed to ask the City how we can expedite sidewalk repair.

Maureen spoke about an ongoing DATS problem. The DATS accessible mini-van driver(s) are consistently not safe. Maureen said she'd called DATS complaint line twice in 2 weeks and has not received a reply.  During the meeting Maureen wrote a letter to DATS and said she'd email it today.

Today we met at McDonalds, located at 6741 177 St NW
We made 2 lists from our visit.

Things That Are Already Great:[1] 
1.    Automatic door for access and egress.
2.    Accessible wheel chair labelled tables that are at a proper height.
3.    Aisles that are wide.
4.    Seats and chairs that are movable.

Room For Improvement:[2] 
1.    The West entrance to this McDonalds building has no wheelchair ramp; so, only the East entrance is barrier-free.
2.    There is no slip resistant flooring. The floors at this McDonalds are slippery, even when dry.
3.    The male washroom is way too small.

Next week, April 12, Mightywheels Group will be visiting The Tea Place, at 1p.m. The Tea Place is located at 6655 178 Street.



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Oversided speed bump

I planned to wheel over to Secoundcup for my daily coffee, never made it there tho. As I tried to make it safely over the speed bump my front wheels caught and I tipped over, causing me smash my face and shoulder into the road. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Another voice

"I believe that the Alberta Party is the only Party that encourages citizens to become involved in policy committees and give policy input, without being a party member." Susan Peacock Edmonton Regional Organizer.
The quote above was said to Timothy Maxwell during a Saturday Mightywheels Team meeting. It is encouraging because we can approach Government at the local level and receive constructive, non-partisan, feedback. Having met Susan, Mightywheels Team has another support, another voice, that stands up for people who use wheels.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Hi! We are Mightywheels.. Tim, Michelle, and Maureen. We have disabilities and want to voice our concerns. We like to empower people who use wheels, including people pushing strollers,  people using walkers, or people like me in wheelchairs. We don't want people to feel sorry for us; but, we want to be heard and help others to fight for our cause.  Together we formed a Mightwheels Group. We are a computer blog where you can discuss poor surface areas to wheel on.  We are dedicated to improve the lives of people who use wheels.  Please give us your support and check out our blog   Help us, help others.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mightywheels Petition

a petition to build a Mightywheels Group

Lets build a Mightywheels Group

Thank you to those have signed already.
Come on we can do it!