Thursday, 12 June 2014

Our work in progress

I walked around the Callingwood Lymburn community hall this morning and noticed that the hall is currently not accessible for disabled persons and seniors. I will be publishing an article on the new hall but require further information as outlined below.

What plans are in place to make the hall accessible for disabled persons or seniors who use walkers or have mobility issues?

Will sidewalks leading to the hall be installed? If so, what is the timeline.

Where will parking be for the hall and will handicap stalls be in place? It appears there is currently only street parking.

What consultation process did the Community League use to ensure accessibility to the hall? Were city or community resources used when determining accessibility?

Lastly, what is the opening date for the hall?

If you require assistance with planning, please contact Tim Maxwell with Mightywheels. Tim has been Cc'd. Tim and his team will gladly work with the league.

I look forward to your response.

Brad Ison

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Monday, 2 June 2014

Tim's speech

Good evening all,

Thank you for having us. I'm Timothy Maxwell, founder of Mightywheels and this is Michelle and Maureen.

Our Mightywheels mission is to bring attention to the things that are not right for people who use wheels.

Such as poor surface areas on city intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps, non-accessible restaurants and other problems we face every day.

We want equal accessibility for all. So the people who use wheels can access all areas of our great city.

By the time a typical Canadian reaches 85 years old, 6-10 of us will have mobility issues or have to use a wheel chair.

Edmonton's intersections, sidewalks, and sidewalk ramps are not in the best of conditions. The group Tim has started called Mightywheels is a free service for anyone who uses wheels. For example, parents pushing baby strollers, the elderly with their walking devices, or people like Me and Tim and Maureen in wheel chairs.

To help everyone more, we provide an internet blog where anyone can post and discuss poor surface areas found in Edmonton and area.

Mightywheels is interested in expanding our goals by linking up with Calling wood Cares. Together we can create solutions to help solve the problems wheeled people face every day.