Monday, 10 August 2015

Stop Gap

StopGap, We are currently working with different volunteer groups in many different communities here in Canada by helping them adopt a StopGap Foundation Community Ramp Project. This project allows businesses with single step storefronts the opportunity to receive a deployable access ramp at little to no cost. Volunteers help build ramps and typically building materials are acquired via a donation or discounted rates from local hardware stores.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

It's a good thing..

I have an idea to help local businesses, it’s like scratching a store owners backs, well I get free publicity for my Mightywheels team. I know lots of little business that would like me to come to their store and show that there are fully accessible for people who use wheels, just like I did the other day for a company in Callingwood. 

I’d like to present this idea to your boss and maybe he or she would be interested in doing something like that, to help enlighten our city on wheel accessibility. I’m sure by doing this the number of people who use wheel that travel in our city would sky rocket, and for me, my Mightywheels team would get seen in the spot light. that’s all I want to do is help people who use wheels.

and more people who are a where of Mightywheels and what we do, the more people we can help.

Do you like my idea?