Thursday, 26 November 2015


Yesterday went great..

I was documented wheeling to the Safeway 4 blocks showing the hardships, a person using wheels has to go to through just to go to thee local store.

Soo, many people volunteered to help
the filming started at 2:00
West Edm Village to the Callingwood Safeway.

I would like to many projects to be posted on my blog...

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Friday, 20 November 2015


Mightywheels Objectives 1). I want to help my wheeled friends by giving them equal access to our great city. 2 ). I want to increase awareness of people with mobility issues and their struggle with limited access to lots of areas in the city. 3). I would like to increase my blog sites traffic to help more people. 4). When my popularity grows large enough, I wish to create a new position for city hall, called Accessibility Coordinator. 5). Mightywheels is my passion and job and I will be heard. Mission The free service that Mightywheels provide is a blog site to post and discuss poor surface areas you may come across. We will investigate and get the proper media awareness to show that there is a problem. The next step is to contact the right person or persons to repair this poor surface area. We don't take donations, if you like what we do, buy a shirt to help us with our advertising campaign. Keys to Success To Create a good rapport with Business Owners regarding the issue. To Establish a strong network of support with public. To Set up fundraising activities that will successfully fund the program. To Increase presence in the community the Public Relations Activities and Social Media Organization Summary Mightywheels Team is a free service that provides a blog site to post and discuss poor surface areas you may come across. We will investigate and contact the right person or person(s) to repair this poor surface area.

The making of Mightywheels.

Long ago in the 1980s, I was a big time adrenalin junkie, who rode a little BMX bicycle. My friends and I raced around town calling ourselves “The Mightywheels Team”. We all had little kid dreams of moving to Vancouver and being bicycle couriers. That never happened, I got in my accident and the team fell apart. Later on in my life, when I recovered from my injury, I was placed in a wheelchair and saw that the accessibility for a person who used wheels was very poor in my city. I wanted to do something. When I lived in Kamloops B.C I walked across a really high tech bridge that was new but was not accessible for people who used wheels. I had a friend carry my chair across the other side. I crossed the bridge proving that people who used wheels would need to safely cross the bridge. The idea of Mightywheels bloomed from there. In time I moved to Edmonton where I officially formed the Mightywheels team. I started a blog to spread the word. Later a friend taught me how to link my blog to Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler to get better exposure. I started a Pinterest page connected to my blog showing good and bad surface areas to plan out a map to safely navigate our city. I’m sure in the future my blog will have a virtual map of the whole city that speaks to you and tells you where the bad surface areas are.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Email to Ellen Degeneres.

My name is Timothy Maxwell, I was put in a wheelchair 23 years ago. Since then I have learned to put up with many accessibility problems. I live in Edmonton Alberta, it is a understanding city for people who use wheels. I am trying my hardest to advocate my Mightywheels team, so I can improve the city's accessibility more. I am presently working on an idea to help local businesses gain publicity for being fully accessible to people who use wheels. My dream is to live in a barrier free city, I would like all who live in my city to have that same opportunity. That is all I have ever wanted to do, is to help people who use wheels gain better accessibility. The more people who are aware of, the more people we can help.

I would really like your help to accomplish my dream of helping all people with wheels.


Mightywheels Accessibility
I have an idea to help local businesses, it’s like scratching a store owners backs, well I get free publicity for my Mightywheels team. I know lots of little business that would like me to come to their store and show that there are fully accessible for people who use wheels, just like I did the other day for a company in Callingwood, (as seen on my Internet blog).
I’d like to present this idea to your boss and maybe he or she would be interested in doing something like that, to help enlighten our city on wheel accessibility. I’m sure by doing this the number of people who use wheels that travel in our city would sky rocket, and for me, my Mightywheels team would get seen in the spot light. that’s all I want to do is help people who use wheels gain accessibility and more people who are aware of Mightywheels and what we do, the more people we can help.
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