Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mightywheels Intro

Parking Mobility App - We need to push this for Canada!

Parking Mobility App - We need this in Canada!!

please email me your thoughts, lets start pushing ...  Mightywheels

DATS problem

Mightywheels Group Meeting April 12, 2014

Michelle B.
Maureen F.
Tim M.

Maureen spoke about an ongoing DATS problem. Specifically, the drivers who are not doing doing their due diligence they are trained to do. It seems some drivers are complacent in regards the seatbelt shoulder strap. Why the driver uses a shoulder strap and refuses, and possibly "forgets", to apply one to their passenger, is frankly, not professional.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mc Donald's evaluation

Mightywheels Meeting April 5, 2014


Michelle B.
Maureen F.
Tim M.
Stephen T.
Debbie, Welcome to the Mightywheels Group

Due to the weather being great we had 5 people attend. After catching up we discussed how:

Debbie agreed to ask the City how we can expedite sidewalk repair.

Maureen spoke about an ongoing DATS problem. The DATS accessible mini-van driver(s) are consistently not safe. Maureen said she'd called DATS complaint line twice in 2 weeks and has not received a reply.  During the meeting Maureen wrote a letter to DATS and said she'd email it today.

Today we met at McDonalds, located at 6741 177 St NW
We made 2 lists from our visit.

Things That Are Already Great:[1] 
1.    Automatic door for access and egress.
2.    Accessible wheel chair labelled tables that are at a proper height.
3.    Aisles that are wide.
4.    Seats and chairs that are movable.

Room For Improvement:[2] 
1.    The West entrance to this McDonalds building has no wheelchair ramp; so, only the East entrance is barrier-free.
2.    There is no slip resistant flooring. The floors at this McDonalds are slippery, even when dry.
3.    The male washroom is way too small.

Next week, April 12, Mightywheels Group will be visiting The Tea Place, at 1p.m. The Tea Place is located at 6655 178 Street.



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Oversided speed bump

I planned to wheel over to Secoundcup for my daily coffee, never made it there tho. As I tried to make it safely over the speed bump my front wheels caught and I tipped over, causing me smash my face and shoulder into the road.