Sunday, 26 July 2015

It's here now.

Pinterest's Mightywheels Page showing Edmonton's good and bad sidewalk, sidewalk ramps and street intersections.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Join my team

I've been trying to work on Mightywheels on my own for over 13 years, and I realize this is such a BIG job, more then one person could ever do on his own. So, I'm asking for some help please.
The thing I don't understand is that it effects everyone.. from parents pushing baby strollers, people with walking devices, or people like me in wheelchairs.

Monday, 13 July 2015


How is your place of business?
a. It is highly accessible?
b. Accessibility is limited?
c. It is not accessible?
2. Are you considering or would you consider any improvements to wheelchair accessibility?
a. Yes
b. Not right now.
3. If you answered "Yes" to the previous answer, which improvements would you consider?
a. Vehicle access and parking
b. Entrance door automation
c. Ramps/lifts
d. Improve store layout to accommodate wheelchair mobility
4. How would you cover the costs for wheelchair accessibility improvements?
a. I would pay for it without any financial assistance
b. I would apply for any grants or funding to cover all the costs
c. I would want grants or funding to cover all the costs
5. Do you have anything else to say about wheelchair accessibility (suggestions)?
6. Bar/clubs are responsible to stop selling a person drinks if they're gonna drive home. Why cant businesses be held responsible for people who are in handy capped parking stall without a official handy capped placard.
7. Should the government in forced the accessibility laws more.
8. Only about half of Edmonton bus stop shelter are wheel accessible.
9. Is your washroom accessible for all people who used wheels.
10.Does your Interact cord stretch long enough to accommodate for people who used wheels or and a wheelchair.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

great job..

Now, this is a good park job.. look, how well some educated people treat disabled parking ramps, very good job.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Another letter to BW

You guy's said you would fix the missing link in your sidewalk 2 years ago, it not dangerous in the summer.. So, I never used my big guns. but, now summer is ending and it will be un-safe for me or anyone who uses wheels to try and make it the sidewalk again. Because my worker and I have not seen any improvement, on your properties 69th street sidewalk. My people want me to do this by the book, so I'm starting with a letter,
I'd like some help, may I ask you to call Boardwalk Rental Communities at 1 800 310 9255 and ask they they will not link their sidewalk up to the Cities sidewalk on 69th Ave, Seeing that Tim even got the City to build a crosswalk with lights for access to the Edmonton public library.
The taxpayers paid for the great crosswalk with lights, so lets not let it go to waste..

help out Brian

Brian:  This particular stretch of sidewalk needs to be repaired now ,during the summer before the weather gets bad. I think that a smooth asphalt surface should be applied like that which already exists on the stretch of sidewalk where ETS bus stop #5963 is located. The asphalt surface is smooth and comfortable for wheelchair transporation.  In the winter the sidewalk from along the west side of 178 street from 76 Avenue to 69 Avenue is not properly cleared of snow fro the entire winter even when I make a phone call to the city to correct it. The city does not clear the snow nor enforce the bylaw to clear that section of sidewalk for the entire winter. as a result the sidewalk is impossible to use as wheelchair transportation.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

T.v. interview

My interview went good.. one more step to help Edmontons wheel users, parents pushing baby strollers, people with walking devices, or people like me in wheelchairs.