Sunday, 3 September 2017

97 Street and 103 A Avenue, bus stop problem.

I work downtown, get off my bus on  103 A Avenue, I turn and go along 97 Street south.. I need to go to Jasper Avenue, I have to catch a bus at the Court house.. How on earth am I going to get the bus real fast...?  A person walking can simply just walk off the corner... cross the street and the bus stop... but NOT me...!!  I have to struggle to wheel my chair real fast to get to the bus... but I have to go a lot more distance to get to the stop. When I finally reach the stop... crap the bus past by....!!!

Now here I sit, another half an hour for the next bus... when I could have simply just went from corner to corner if there were some ramps at the start and made the first bus.  Someone needs to fix that please!!


  1. I had no idea that accessibilty was that bad of an issue before my new level of understanding and compassion.

    I would normally go about my day not thinking about these types of issues probably much like the rest of us...who don't have mobility issues.

    A couple weeks ago this.changed for me as I met and am becoming closer to a caring fellow who is a wheel chair driver himself.

    I am now looking at the roads I travel on and the places I go with a new.understanding and compassion trying to see from his perspective.

    For example, at a restroom in a restaurant I started thinking, man these paper.towel dispensers are so can he reach? or even the roads to get.into the restaurant.there so bumpy I wonder how many wheels get suck in these potholes.

    So I say thank you Tim for my new understanding.

    I say we all new this sense of understanding and compassion.

    Who knows, it may be you or I someday!!

  2. I am really glad that the public side walk has been fixed out front of my place along 108 street, you see I was walking home one day and stepped on the raised crack in the center of the sidewalk and rolled my ankle. I had discovered that I had ended up with a stress fracture in my ankle and wearing running shoes to boot when that happened.

    Imagine someone using a walker doing the same thing or even someone in a wheelchair getting a wheel stuck in the center crack...disasterous. Thats why we need to have our roads, sidewalks and other surfaces free of damages!