Sunday, 9 April 2017

New idea's.

Just like I was telling Brianna, when one door closes another door opens. Yes, Edmonton got their new 311 app working and that makes it so, much easier to report someone parking where they shouldn't.
Good accessibility is not only needed in our streets. Ever been to the dentist or doctor in a wheelchair. Today when I was out eating lunch I was asked that question and that gave me new ideas 💡


  1. Hello Tim, My name is Tamara, I was the one who met and spoke with you today. It was great to meet you and your family. I was very grateful for your feedback. I will be sending you an email shortly with my contact info.
    I look forward to speaking with you again as I work on my next project.
    Thank you again, and again, sorry for interrupting your lunch. :)
    Take care,
    Tamara Wiesner

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    2. Thanks.. I really do want to connect with you and many others that believe mobility/accessibility is just as important to people who use wheels as it is for people who don't.