Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Some teenyboppers,

I was wheeling around at WestEdmMall a few months ago, I know I had dry skin on my thumb, and wheeling around a lot would make it bled, So, I got a push to the security station near the ice rink, to ask for a band-aid. I couldn’t believe how poorly I was treated, I thought things there had improved for people in with challenges. But, I guess I was wrong. The 18 year old girl that was at the front desk, looking all good for the mall, asked me what I wanted (a little rudely, it loud there, lots of noise and my voice ain't the best. Little did I know, shes texting with her friend, who worked in the back. Then she just gets up from the desk, saying that talking with me, made her feel uncomfortable and its her right not to help me. She even yelled out loud "What if I catch what he has."
About 5 years ago, I lived right beside the mall, and I volunteered at both pet stores, did lots of little odd jobs all over the mall. I even have letters stating that on my resume. It took me a long time, to get the people at the mall, to relax enough to trust me.

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