Friday, 10 June 2016

What I'm trying to do for people.

The inevitable is that we all will age.. Hello, my name's Tim, and I have a dream, my dream is to make Edmonton and area more wheel accessible for all, everyone from parents pushing baby strollers, to people using walking devices or people like me in wheelchairs. I have created a wheel accessibility team call to work with are beautiful city to build or upgrade more accessible areas, I have filmed many public washrooms and posted them on my blog, hoping the right person will see them. Because I read that Canada Health Says by the time a typical Canadian reaches 85 years old, 6-10 of us will have mobility issues or have to use a wheelchair. And Edmonton’s City intersections, sidewalks, and sidewalk ramps are not in the best of conditions. I do not want to be confined indoor so lets, think in every ones interests and check out my blog for ideas to work with the inevitable.

project number 1
I would really like the city to umberlla so Mightywheels can do the magical things it does legally.

project number 2
After numerus calls to 311 of calling/complaning about not being able to wheel to the public libary the city finally built a crosswalk with lights at the 69th ave. boardwalk enterance, Boardwalk sated if I was to get that built, then they would fix their sidewalk to link up with the cities sidewalk.

project number3
I have a number of physically challanged friend who come to my blog to complain that the secondcup washrooms are too  dark to be labled as public handicapped washrooms.

project number 4
I would like a volunteer to help me with filming and posting places bussiness I evaluate. I use the public Ets to get to the place of business, I evaluate.

A wheel accessibility team to help
all people who use wheels. 

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