Wednesday, 15 June 2016

bad surfaces

The sidewalks along the west side of 178 street from 76 Avenue to 69 Avenue are in very bad condition.with huge cracks all along the sidewalk.  This particular stretch of sidewalk needs to be repaired now ,during the summer before the weather gets bad. I think that a smooth asphalt surface should be applied like that which already exists on the stretch of sidewalk where ETS bus stop #5963 is located. An asphalt surface would be smooth and comfortable for wheelchair transporation. Also, in the winter the sidewalk along the west side of 178 street from 76 Avenue to 69 Avenue is not properly cleared of snow for the entire winter even when I make phone calls to the city to correct it. The city does not clear the snow nor enforce the bylaw to clear that section of sidewalk for the entire winter, as a result the sidewalk is impossible to use for wheelchair transportation. The sidewalk on the east side of 178 street from 76 avenue to 69 avenue is in much better shape but during the winter most of the time it is not cleared adequately of snow and ice for use as wheelchair transportation. No one seems to care about my wife's needs to get out to Callingwood Mall by manual wheelchair which I must push for her almost everyday in the winter months. As a result in the winter we get isolated in our home at 7525-180 street or we have the added expense of having to take an ETS bus the few blocks distance there and back. Not all buses go to the same bus stop and I still have push the wheelchair along uncleared sidewalks to get into Callingwood Mall. I wish it could be summer all year long.

A wheel accessibility team to help
all people who use wheels. 

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