Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I'm hoping for.

I'm an independent advocate looking for new member, helping people who use wheels, I created Mightywheels.ca a wheel accessibility team idea, that can stand up for people who use wheels, we bring attention to problem area's in your community, so everyone can access their beautiful city. This free service can be used by anyone, parents pushing baby strollers, people using walking aids or wheelchairs like my self. 

Our mission is to help bring much needed attention to difficulties people face every day. We want equal accessibility, so we can all access our beautiful city. I am hoping to raise awareness for people who struggle with accessibility each day. We'll appreciate any help that comes our way. I could not do this without my team of various helpers.

Mightywheels doesn't work on fixing wheels or nothing like that, we focus on getting the ground or surface area we wheel on repaired for all people. We nicely ask the city or property owner to fix the area in question, this benefits everyone.


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