Friday, 14 July 2017

Just another day at the village,

I wheeled passed a lady with a stroller and shouted this bumps bad, by the time I said that she was only about half way down the sidewalk, she was talking on the phone and pushing the stroller, so, don't think she heard me warning her. I crossed the entrance to the parking lot and pulled on to the grass to watch her take on the bump. and what does she do but, puts her phone away with tears in her eyes all cursing and swearing, she breaks in to a gallop. Hitting the bump doing about same speed as the cars in parking lot were doing (approx 10-15 km) when she hit it the kid and stroller both got air time. She never stopped, never looked back. Guess it was a pretty up setting phone call..

written by Lo the lounge lizard.

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