Monday, 15 May 2017

Accessibility Map

Long ago in the 80's, In Nananimo b.c. I was a big time Adrenalin junkie, who rode a little titanium BMX bicycle. My friends and I raced around the city calling ourselves "The Mightywheels Team". We all had little kid dreams of moving to Vancouver and being bicycle couriers. That never happened, I got in my accident and the team fell apart. Later on in my life, when I recovered from my injury, I was placed in a titanium wheelchair and saw that the accessibility for a person who used wheels was very poor in my city. I wanted to do something so I started the Mightywheels team back up. I reused the name because of the titanium. When I lived in Kamloops B.C, I made a mission to cross this real high tech bridge that was new but was not accessible for people who used wheels. I had a friend carry my chair across the other side. I crossed the bridge proving that people who used wheels would need to safely cross the bridge. The idea of Mightywheels bloomed from there. In time I moved to Edmonton where I officially formed the wheel accessibility team, I started a blog to spread the word. Later a friend taught me how to link my blog to Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler to get better exposure. I started a Pinterest page connected to my blog showing good and bad surface areas to plan out a map to safely navigate our city. I'm sure in the future my blog will have a virtual map of the whole city that speaks to you and tells you where the bad surface areas are with added pictures and I like to have the map updated every week.

My new plain,

Getting introduced to Edmonton's Legislature is a step towards hook-up with AccessNow and having the contacts and manpower to start a project like AccessNow's mapping, I want to map the whole city of Edmonton.


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