Friday, 3 February 2017


All people who use wheels do it to gain accessibility… which is the ability to travel more freely, safely and easily, whoever it may be. Here I have 5 survey questions that I would like to take to my MLA to improve our accessibility issues.
1) Did you have any accessibility issues coming outside today?
A. No, it was very good.
B. No, it was good.
C. Yes, it was moderate.
D. Yes, it was poor.
2) How do you feel the general accessibility is in the venues you use daily?
A. It was very good.
B. It was good.
C. It was moderate.
D. It was poor.
3) How often do you see people parked in handicapped/expectant mothers/senior designated stalls, who do not have a permit?
A. Very Often
B. Sometimes
C. Not Often
D. Not at all
4) How do you feel the accessibility is using the sidewalks in the city?
A. Great
B. Good
C. Moderate
D. Poor
5) What ideas would you suggest to improve wheel accessibility in the future? Please answer using your own observations …
Do you believe in "strength in numbers"? Mightywheels is trying to recruit more members for the cause of accessibility, to help parents pushing baby strollers, people using walking aids, people using wheelchairs. Feel free to complete this short survey and email your answers!

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