Monday, 28 November 2016

Come join the winning team

What is We are Canada's first wheel accessibility team, created to draw attention to the difficulties that people who use wheels on our city sidewalks face every day. Health Canada says by the time the typical Canadian reaches 85 years old, 6/10 of us will have mobility issues or have to use a wheelchair. This issue also goes beyond wheelchairs, as our pedestrian infrastructure is used by all types of users with many different abilities, such as parents pushing strollers or people using walking aides.

Who we are: was founded Tim Parnett, a community activist living in the Callingwood area. Tim was injured in an accident and found himself having to use a wheelchair to get around. Tim was shocked to discover the limits of pedestrian infrastructure in the city of Edmonton, and he was spurned to create to advocate for better pedestrian infrastructure in our city. Tim works with other advocates in his neighborhood and beyond to help his cause.

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We the undersigned agree that the City of Edmonton has inadequate pedestrian infrastructure for all people who use wheels. As people with disabilities, parents, or regular sidewalk users, we urge the City of Edmonton to consider improvements for pedestrian infrastructure in our city to make it more accessible for all.

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