Friday, 30 September 2016

Performing Arts Center

Letter to Dance Theatre

Hello, my names Tim Parnett and I run a wheel accessibility blog, called Mightywheels dot ca my team of various helpers help all people who use wheels. I'm setting up a table for free hot chocolate for my community at the last day of Callingwood farmers market also I will be handing out literature about my blog explaining problems all people using wheels face. 
A wheel accessibility team to help all people who use wheels.


  1. Hello Tim,
    Thank you for sending us the email. We were not aware of your organization but wholly support what you are doing. If we can help in any way please contact us. Unfortunately our own studio is not accessible for wheels. We are on the 2nd floor with only stairs. The sidewalks in our strip mall are very narrow and I often see those on scooters and in chairs and even mothers with strollers having to walk on the roadway of the parking lot. The city did put in a handicap parking at all on 155 St which is the east end of the mall and there is one by the drug store on the west end but that is all. Nothing in front of any of other business'. All that money spent to revitalise Stony plain Rd and yet a good portion of the population's needs were not considered.

    1. hi, I understand that I can't visit, I really would like to meet you I'm going to be at the last farmers market Oct 9th 11 till 1.. hope to see you there.