Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Let's shine together.

Baby Stroller Show n' Shine.
No date has been set for this event yet..
All Edmontonian's know that Edmonton has an accessibility problem. (just look at our city streets) The future events will talk more about these things.
Right now, I'm just asking to hear your experiences with the wonderful city's intersections, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps. I'm hoping that this event will show the city that there are more people out there who use wheels then just those in wheelchairs and we all matter.
All Mightywheels.ca would like to ask for is only support of the community. We need to help our selves before we can move on and help other parts of the city, that way myself and all my helpers can continue to make are wheeling journeys better for us all, to encourage you to come to this event even more we will have door prizes.

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